Flood Relief, Cumbria 

Workington, emergency bridge design and construction

Project summary
In 2009 continuous rain throughout October and November in Cumbria had already caused minor flooding, but the storm which occurred during November resulted in severe flooding across the region. There was flooding of all of the major rivers across Cumbria. The River Derwent rose to unprecedented levels. Workington, situated on the estuary of the River Derwent, lost all three of its major bridges - two in complete collapse and one damaged badly and out of use. Workington was split, with the Seaton community on the north side of the river cut off from schools, family and essential shopping in the south. The Royal Engineers were asked to provide a temporary bridging solution in the vicinity of Workington town center. The bridge was designed and installed in just 13 days, under the media spotlight with a huge amount of pressure on the team.
I was the lead designer for this high profile and pressurised project. The resulting Barker Crossing was left in place for well over a year - providing a vital link across the river for the local community. 
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